Welcome Construction Company Limited – a name you feel increasingly familiar with, your caring neighbors, and an innovative and pragmatic construction company.

Through our strong commitment to client-partnerships, we grasp the focus of change in the construction industry. With the implementation of innovative engineering models in infrastructure, maintenance and engineering, construction and telecommunications networks and other projects, we demonstrate our excellent development potential in the construction industries, and hope to create a better future with you.


Welcome Construction Company Limited (formerly known as Shun Hing Construction Company Limited) - has engaged in and successfully undertaken contracts over several billions Hong Kong dollars in infrastructure, maintenance, construction and tele-communication network etc. since 1981.

The four clockwise arrows in the logo of the Welcome Construction Company Limited symbolize our strenuous footprints everywhere in Hong Kong. These arrows, which maintain their endless rotation with natural and ever-lasting rhythm, demonstrate our synchronization and stable growth tracking with the continuous development in Hong Kong in each new era, and our readiness in omni-directional developments in new spheres.

As your caring neighbor, an approved contractor being accredited with ISO standards, and professional engineering training qualification, we endeavor to provide safety, quality and environmental-friendly services in serving the increasing needs of our society and people.

  • "Develop in Hong Kong with heart and passion towards our motherland";
  • "Customers-oriented, Public-first";
  • Our attitude and services are "interactive" with emphasis on "mutually-beneficial" to each others;
  • "Undertake Social Responsibilities regarding to Safety, Environmental Protection and Talent Training along side with catering the needs of Customers";
  • "Innovative, Energetic and Hard-working".

For many years, Welcome Construction Company Limited strictly adheres to the faith "customers-oriented, public-first". While we endeavor to provide quality services under construction contracts, we commit to undertake our social responsibilities for the public as focused in our corporate policies on Quality Management, Safety, Environmental Protection and Intensive Staff Training. From time to time, we give strenuous effort to develop and introduce innovative technology, practical construction methods and engineering equipment to upkeep and enhance our performance in working efficiency, safety and environmental protection, which they also explain the reasons of our winning in various awards in the roads, drainage, water, port maintenance and telecommunications projects in the past.

Our mission is to build up the country and improve people's livelihood, for the benefit of society. Special care is given to listen and cater the needs of our customers and the general public. Our attitude and services are "interactive" with our special emphasis on "mutually-beneficial" to each others, as prerequisites for implementing our Corporate Commitment "Having focused on safety and environmental protection, your right choice of quality construction services is WELCOME". Bearing in mind the expectation of our citizens in motherland, we strive to contribute our whole efforts in the development of social harmony. Leaping forward in the rise of our motherland, Welcome Construction Company Limited aims to partner with you in the journey for creating a harmonious society.