Welcome Construction Company Limited believes that human resources are one of the key factors leading to the Company's business success. Thus, Welcome Construction Company Limited places due emphasis on talent resourcing, management and development. Employees can fully apply and develop their expertise, intelligence and creativity through excellent career prospects in a healthy organizational environment. If you wish to seek a better career, you are welcome to join and share the success with us.

Welcome Construction Company Limited will provide training and development program including on job training, internal/ external training program and education allowance to our employees. These professional development training programs and resources for staff that supports identified staffing needs across Welcome.

Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, "Engineering Graduate Training Scheme (Scheme A) - Civil Engineering" training

"Talents have always been our most important asset" and are also the foundation of society. For training of talents, Welcome possesses professional qualification and commits to provide training for talents.

Hong Kong Institution of Engineers approves Welcome as one of the professional institutions in providing "Engineering Graduate Training Scheme (Scheme A) - Civil Engineering". We undergo recruitment of engineering graduates from various universities for this training project. Our initial plan is to set up training for 12 graduate engineers in next few years.

While our engagement in this professional project witness our active promotion in quality project management and construction, we offer a good learning platform for young university graduates in engineering disciplines, which in effect foster the talent development in industry and support our aim to achieve " Taken from society to society".

We arrange personal tutor for each participant of "Engineering Graduate Training Scheme (Scheme A) - Civil Engineering" in order to provide participant with sufficient guidance and support. Participants will also be assigned with different duties for adequate exposure in different fields in engineering. Meanwhile, we regularly arrange site visits, meetings and internal seminars, in addition to our subsidies to participants in external training courses as we always target to achieve "Continuous Professional Development".

For any engineering graduates who are interested in joining our training, please click CONTACT US for further details.