Re-surfacing and Concrete Carriageway Reconstruction

Over the years, Welcome concentrates on road maintenance and management for securing the safety of roads users and the swift flow of traffic.

For resurfacing of flexible carriageway and reconstruction of concrete carriageway projects, Welcome has spent huge investment to import several sets of large-scale and special equipments for resurfacing and maintenance works. Professional trainings are offered to our maintenance teams. We thoughtfully plan and carry out emergency works or every stage of substantial re-surfacing and concrete carriageway reconstruction. Welcome prudently monitor traffic flow, and adjust the progress of every project accordingly in order to relieve traffic pressure during construction. We aim at improving road structure and traffic conditions. Quality of the road conditions is improved and life span of the roads is extended serving as excellent pre-conditions for rapid development of our metropolitan area.

Paving Blocks Works

Welcome treats the works of paving blocks more than a simple operation, taking care of every step of your present and future, Welcome adds the extraordinary ideas on your practical needs.

Welcome energetically introduces the use of recycled paving blocks (ECO-GLASS - Recycled Glass -Paving Block- TIOSTONE). In addition to their excellent appearance and durability, they are made of recycled materials, which can absorb and purify the toxic substances in the air. Combined with the skill of our technicians, Welcome builds the pragmatic and artful pattern of the paving blocks for you. While we puzzle every step for your better life and environment, we continuously add green force for our future.

PPP - Public Private Partnership

PPP is a short form of “Public Private Partnership”. The employer and the contractor work as if they were members of same teams as “Non-contractual Partners” so as to enable smooth operation of relevant construction contracts.

Welcome, as one of the pioneers of PPP works, endeavors to ensure all the PPP works undertaken will satisfy the contract requirements. We develop a project quality plan in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO 14001 requirements. For the execution of each service, including the inspection and maintenance work on site, our auditing management will be implemented according to the requirement as stated in the relevant contract, client’s and user’s expectation, auditing system and continual improvement requirement. We will frequently review our quality of works by self-monitoring, self- auditing and self-certification.

Street Furniture and Road Marking

All road facilities and signs are scrutinously installed as if they were tailored-made for your lovely home. The sole purpose of their existence is to ensure the safety, comfort and reliable driving environment. To maintain such extraordinary road conditions, you need a reputable contractor like Welcome.

When you drive or ride every day, the expert teams of Welcome quietly carry out maintenance, repair and installation works of street lighting facilities and various auxiliary traffic and safety facilities (such as traffic signs, crash cushion, crash cushion barrier etc.) and paints every road marking accurately to lead you to each destination swiftly and safely.

Road Structures

Welcome adheres to the model emphasizing on interactive and systematic management to manage and maintain road structures in order to protect the safety of all road users.

Our professionals, through regular and detailed road inspection, identify any damage on road surfaces, structures and related facilities as well as the resulting immediate and potential hazards. We will then inform and recommend to the relevant government departments to carry out immediate or periodic maintenance or more in-depth scientific analysis in order to find out fast and reliable solution. Our expert teams will analyze the adverse effects of tropical cyclones, typhoons, rainstorms and landslides on road traffic for future reference in dealing with emergency situation.


From neat and healthy trees on both sides of highways to magnificent layout of patterned vegetation on roundabouts or lawns, these are the professional landscaping services that can be efficiently arranged and built by Welcome. In addition to our focus on cost-effectiveness of the project, Welcome crafts design art with patterned plants, in which you can take a nice break to the hustle and bustle of city life and the endless works, and enjoy free driving as if you were driving in the green field, while at the same time we provide unlimited force to support environmental protection.

Drainage Works

Incorrect disposal of daily garbage and refuse exerts great pressure on the drainage of the road system and the adjacent slopes. Welcome, with its expertise in drainage works too, carries out regular inspection and cleansing of the drainage system. For adverse conditions affected by tropical cyclones, typhoons, rainstorms and other natural disasters, our expert teams in various drainage districts mobilize frequent inspection and clearance of each drainage black spots. Through our modern management on monitoring and reporting mechanism as well as advanced drainage cleansing equipments (from professional high-pressure water jets to hydraulic pipe-jacking drainage coring equipment, etc.), Welcome is pre-aware of the situations and takes early actions on the potential crisis of the road flooding and landslides so as to protect the safety of all road users.

Road Closure

Traffic Management Liaison Group of Welcome (TMLG) conducts regular meetings with relevant government departments and representatives of public transport companies to discuss and exchange ideas on issues of temporary and routine traffic management for maintenance of road and related facilities.

Our professional road maintenance teams, with hundreds of special-purpose vehicles, have perfect work-flow (from application of permits to work operations) regardless of the size of road closures for any public events as well as for works, Welcome always offers the fast, safe and reliable services for you.


Maintenance /Replacement of Drainage System

For more than a decade, Welcome with its professional teams, has endeavored to assist the Government in upgrading and maintaining the drainage infrastructure, and has successfully completed several large-scale drainage maintenance works contracts.

Whether traditional open-trenching for drainage works, pipe-jacking for repairing or replacement of pipes of various sizes, Welcome with its advanced work management model continuously conducts comprehensive analysis to master the blockage and aging conditions of the various drainage system and the status of the periodic data. These enable us to optimize and manage with maximum flexibility in the repair and replacement pipeline project proposals. For preparation works before the construction, applications for working approval and the mobilization of manpower and resources as well as machinery, our experienced engineers directly plan and manage the whole working procedures in order to ensure a swift operation with success. Parallel to the above, through our internal public relations specialists, Welcome liaises with all related works and transport departments as well as local representatives in order to minimise complaints. We aim to satisfy the maximum expectations of the employers and to meet the aspirations and needs of the public.

CCTV/ Sonar surveys

Close Circuit Television survey (CCTV) and Sonar Scanning survey apply to relatively dry and partly flooded water mains or drainage ducts respectively. These devices both assist the surveillance of internal conditions and collection of drainage data. All those data are vital in deciding what immediate remedial action and long-term improvement measures are to be taken. As an experienced construction company, Welcome realize the vitality of both measures and therefore, injects substantial investment in purchasing advanced equipments for these purposes and put strenuous efforts to upgrade the quality of image and other data collection. The information will be handled by self-trained professionals for records and further in-depth analysis. Welcome, as a specialist in drainage works, will then submit the Drainage Analysis Reports to relevant departments with positive and energetic recommendations in order to provide long term solutions to solve drainage issues.


To cope with the population growth and social development, Welcome continuously puts its strenuous effort to maintain the efficiency of the drainage systems. With its extensive and professional management teams, Welcome manages to handle all approval and working procedures for high pressures water jet or hydraulic pipe-jacking coring machine for pipe cleansing works. Emphasizing on efficiency, safety and environmental protection procedures, Welcome is your best choice as working partner.

Pipe Jacking

In recent years, Welcome has also widely introduced pipe jacking techniques in drainage works. This technology requires no open-cut trenching as it can penetrate the underneath of existing ducts, rivers and highways, and substantially reduce resources and time. While we can upgrade the skills of drainage works, we also minimize the adverse effect to traffic and public. Welcome serves all peoples whole-heartedly alongside with its strenuous efforts in construction works.

Construction of Sewage Pumping Station

Welcome has successfully completed several sewage pumping stations, which had greatly improved the capacity of collection and disposal of sewage as well as the quality of life for the general public. During the construction period, in addition to our usual focus on quality, safety, and the use of sound environmental friendly devices such as noise screens and isolation chambers etc., we also manage to avoid adverse effects on local “Feng Shui” in order to maintain the balance of social development and enhance the stability and harmony of the society.


Improvement Works and Rehabilitation

Aging water mains are like time bombs in causing traffic jams, which in turn seriously affect the livelihood of the people and business operations, and cause incalculable economic losses. The annual loss of water from aging water mains worths more than billion. To minimize the bursting hazards and reduce water wastage, carrying out improvement works and rehabilitation of water mains are inevitable.

As an experienced service provider in water works, we listen to the need of the public, and endeavor to provide high-quality water supply engineering services, including provision of improvement works and rehabilitation of water mains. Our professional teams manage to reduce the road digging-up works and avoid simultaneous water works within the same district in order to minimize the nuisance to the public and the adverse effect on water supply. For emergency situations, we take swift and co-ordinating actions with various departments to maintain continuous water supply to the public.


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